Why We Need the Noise…

The noise is where I thrive….

Most of my work is inspired by my interactions with the people I meet during this journey we call life. Without the wide variety of perspectives that the diversity of our planet offers, I would be out of a job.
The trick, I find, is to take in all the noise… listen to all the different perspectives, and see which ones align with our inner thoughts and feelings. Alllow what inspires us to become a part of our beingness and let anything not of use to us, just float on by. Our global diversity is our greatest strength. It allows us to each experience life in a unique way and it is the unique experience that inspires the uniqueness within the artistic creation.
Still…. As an author, I have those moments when life becomes overwhelming and invasive. It is these moments that I use a few simple techniques to regain my balance.
Music is life, and I have lost track of how many different playlists I have created over the years to use as tools to shift my mood. An hour or two, alone in my back room, tunes cranked, dancing and singing, is, for me, an automatic reset. Amd when that doesn’t work… When the world inside and outside gets too loud, a long winding road, and a few hours on a motorcycle can help me clear my mind and restore my desire to create. I also find that making sure that I am surrounded by and supported by other artists and creators helps to keep me centered and focused. Nobody understands writers block better than another writer, so when times get desperate, it is to them I turn to for words of wisdom and encouragement.
The thing is, thanks to our diversity, we all have different ways of dealing with the world when it becomes ‘too much ‘. So… my advice then, is to look within, and discover for yourself what works best for you. Follow your heart, listen to your instincts amd go wherever the magic white bunny leads you. Above all, try to remember, the noise, the chaos, and the obvious insanity of life on Earth, is the core of all art. For it is from the depths of our deepest dives into all things uncomfortable where we find the true treasure.
So… I say, celebrate the noise. Without it, I think the world would be a vey boring place to live; and there is nothing motivating about boredom.


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