Niki Norlock is a Canadian born author and indie film producer. Niki is all about loving living; pouring as much enthusiasm as possible into her creations to inspire others to find ways to see their world through newly opened eyes. Believing that children have the edge due to their untainted view and ability to colour outside the lines, she does her best to emulate their unique perspective. This brings an almost childlike quality of innocence and wonder into her work. Niki is in love with the naturally compassionate nature of humans and is constantly exploring new ways to share her vision of a world she believes to be an absolutely wondrous and amazing place in which to live. She is driven to, through her writing and film production, allow others to see the world through not just her eyes but her heart, and her Spirit.
Mother, Artist, Author, Indie Film Producer, and Truth Seeker… That is how Niki Norlock expresses her all.
After losing the majority of her immediate family to illness, losing her marriage to dis-ease, losing her freedom to the physical powers that be and finally her health to a broken spine and a broken heart, there seemed no other option but a graceful exit… The Spirit however, did not agree with the flesh and her request for death was bluntly denied. In one final act of desperation she lay awake late one night and cried to the heavens ‘I give up – show me the way – lead me and I will, without question, follow’. She followed…. and she’s been asking questions and writing down the answers ever since. As for who she is; at the end of the day, she’s just like everybody else out there looking for truth. Niki is a complex woman, with simple needs and a remarkably large thirst for knowledge, adventure and all things new. Why? Where? Who? What? She rarely looks for the easy solutions, but at the end of the day she is also very content with where she is, with the journey that brought her here and the future she knows she will get to experience. She believes we live in one of the most incredible times mankind has ever been witness to. She sees the changes occurring in our world she views it as confirmation that we are, as a whole, (humanity) headed in the right direction. All she wants to know, is how does one go about getting to ride shot gun for the rest of this exciting journey?