World Reporter: “Healing Narratives: Niki Norlock’s Path to Redemption, Resilience, and Self-Love.”

Niki Norlock is an internationally known author and filmmaker. She is also an inspiring figure who is not afraid to bravely share the personal too – including how she has transformed her life’s most arduous journeys into a captivating narrative of courage, resilience, and self-realization. After a life marked by struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Woman’s Journal: “Unshrouding the Truth: Niki Norlock’s Inspiring Journey from Pain to Power. “

Navigating the tumultuous depths of PTSD, addiction, childhood abuse, depression, and more, Niki Norlock’s gleaming beacon of strength, compassion, and self-worth is as wondrous as it is awe-inspiring. The eloquent author of the deeply revealing book, “Truth – My Synchromystic Journey,” Niki bares her soul, dispelling societal taboos and igniting a beacon of hope for

Millesimal Magazine: “How a 3 week visit to the Philippines changed my life.”

When I went to the Philippines in 2009 to begin writing my first book, thought I knew what to expect. I had a young Canadian/Filipino friend who had taught me everything that he had been taught by his family. He has been there once or twice as a child, but it had been years since

Phil Times: “Canadian filmmaker releases documentary film about street kids in the Phillipines.”

“Beyond Strength is about knowing you can make a difference, all you have to do is believe…” It was a journey that changed Niki Norlock’s life. And now she is using that journey to change the lives of others. Changing lives isn’t new to Niki – it’s actually something she knows a lot about. Norlock,

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Niki Norlock

Niki Norlock is a Canadian born author and indie film producer. Niki is all about loving living; pouring as much enthusiasm as possible into her creations to inspire others to find ways to see their world through newly opened eyes. Believing that children have the edge due to their untainted view and ability to colour outside the lines, she does her best to emulate their unique perspective. This brings an almost childlike quality of innocence and wonder into her work. Niki is in love with the naturally compassionate nature of human… Read More